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Welcome to my wild world, the world of Buffalo, Horses and the Tallgrass Prairie! What you see here on my blog is pictures of stuff that I see every day, all kinds of wild animals like deer, buffalo, coyotes, bobcats, whippoorwills, hoot owls and everything in between! Where ever I go, my camera goes, I NEVER leave home with out it! You just never know what God is gonna stick in front of you to take a picture of! So come along with me as I live my wonderful life out on the prairie, I promise it will never be boring!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Attention, Attention!!

Yes, I realize that I haven't been posting much on here, but I have been bloggin' quite a bit on my other blog.  So I've decided to sorta "merge" this blog with  The Many Adventures of a Country Girl!  I'll take this one down in a week or so, but fear not; I've imported all of the old posts/comments on here to The Many Adventures of a Country Girl.
So head on over to The Many Adventures of a Country Girl for lots more posts and follow me as I blog about my wonderful life in the Tallgrass! :)

Thanks for lookin'

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